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Vidaza & Spyrcel alternative Questions


Hi all,

My father is 79 years old and he is a CML patient since 2011.

8 months ago, they have switched to Sprycel but a month ago he was hospitalized due to ineffective Sprycel. He has been through bone marrow biopsy and other blood transfusions. 

They concluded that he needs to switch to a chemotherapy using Vidaza [ 7 days each 28 days under hospital care] as he is currently standing between CML and Acute ML - not sure how to measure this from the results?.

He is losing appetite and feeling so exhausted but the nutritionist started to place him on supplements. His CBC shows that he still needs blood transfusions. His first Vidaza dose has been started off 30 days ago and since two days ago, he started the second dose of Vidaza while they also supply him with blood incrementally.

Today, the doctor stated that they might require to provide in addition to the Vidaza an alternative for the ineffective Sprycel. 

  • What could be an alternative for a Sprycel which was advised as the top of the line before ? 
  • What could be the side effects to give a double dosage Vidaza + Spyrcel alternative ? 
  • What is their way to monitor the progress of Vidaza or any other medication? Will they check for BCR-ABL1 after 3-6 months? 
  • His blood works are not improving, is this normal at the start of a chemotherapy and it should come to normal ? Will they continue this protocol of 7 days Vidaza every 28 days ever or is it to a certain time when they see a positive results ? 

Kindly provide your experience or advice such that we could follow up with the doctors --- I am hearing so many words from different doctors and would like to collect information from the broad expertise in the helpful forum. 

Thanks a lot in advance ...