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hi all:its been about a year so much has happened-i was diagnosed july 3,2001--today 1/11/2021--my oncologist declared me NO CML-off gleevac 3years come next month!!!!my problem pltelet count is low 7500/normal is 14000;so im off for a bone marrow aspiration next week the last one i had was about 12years back then they didnt knock u out today they do!!!thank god for small favors!!!so all u fellow CML persons gleevac does work--i attribute my success to GLEEVAC;good eating habits-fresh fruit,vegtables everyday,no red meat,no fried foods,exercise important!!photo age 63 jujitsu going for 2nd color belt,now 72 in may;;!but GLEEVAC #1,#2,#3 BEST THERAPY!!good luck to all my brothers&sisters--my very best to dr lilian cathcart of sloan kettering nyc--best regards to all STEVEN BAGLIORE

Congratulations Steven!

Stay vigilant and healthy.

Congrats Steven! Great news...and keeping the flames of hope burning for all of us. Good luck with the tests!  yes

dadbags - Congratulations!  Could I ask, did you reach PCRU at some point and (presumably then) stop taking Gleevec?  And if so, did you remain undetectable for these past three years?  I ask because I had given up any hope that I'll ever get to undetectable.  I've had an excellent response since I began in 2009, but have been "frozen" at 0.006% IS for about 4 years.  Hearing that you made it to TFR after many years NOT at undetectable would be heartening to me.

Congratulations on reaching a new belt and being off gleevec for this long.