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Was non detectable now am not...

Hi friends,  I was non detectable for 18 months on 20 mg Sprycel,last bloods I am >0.003. Is this a cause for concern? Should I raise my dosage? I have no idea what to do as my Haemotologist gives me no guidance. Any insight greatly appreciated.



Any PCR measure below 0.01% is indistinguishable from "undetected" in terms of PCR precision and accuracy. Your result is in the noise of the test.

Stay your course and at next test let's see if you have a trend upward. I suspect either same result or an "undetected" result. Sometimes  labaoratories list any result < 0.01 as undetectable and next time they print the number.They do so many that there is no set standard way of reporting. Any number in the third decimal place is meaningless.

To be fair any value < 0.1 is a VERY low amount of bcr-abl detected. And you are below 0.01 which is ten times lower. It probably fell out of the air from another test next to yours <grin>.

Thank you Scuba.You have given me peace of mind and I think you’re awesome:)