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iCMLF webinar: Update on COVID-19 vaccines and CML - April 7th 13.30 CET

Reminder: join us for the iCMLf Conversation on COVID-19 vaccines and CML on April 7th at 13.30 CET.

Our two experts will provide you with an overview of the different types of COVID-19 vaccines currently in use around the world and will share current experience with COVID-19 vaccines in patients with CML.

Don't miss the opportunity to submit your questions via chat during the live webinar to get an expert opinion on how to best manage patients with CML with the COVID-19 vaccines now becoming increasingly available.

  • COVID-19 vaccine overview: Professor Steve Wesselingh, from the South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute, Adelaide (Australia)
  • COVID-19 vaccines for patients with CML: Dr Kendra Sweet, Haematologist at the MOFFITT Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa (USA)

Date: April 7th at 13.30 Central European Time (CET)

Times in other times zones:

ACST – Australian Central Standard Time: 21.00
BRT – Brazilian Time: 08.30
CAT – Central African Time: 13.30
CST – China Standard Time: 19.30
EAT – East Africa Time: 14.30
EST – Eastern Standard Time: 07.30
GMT – Greenwich Mean Time: 12.30
IST – Indian Standard Time: 17.00

Please join this meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone:

Meeting-ID: 84473245408 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email to

  • Can I ask questions during the webinar?

An important part of the conversation will be questions from the audience. You can submit your questions via chat during the webinar and the experts will answer as many as possible during the Q&A session.

  • Can I watch the webinar at a later time?

The webinar will be made available on the iCMLf website after the event.


Logged in at 1.30 but appear to have missed it. Must have been 12.30 BST (GMT+1) not 12.30 GMT unless i have mis undestood.

I logged in at 12.30pm here in he UK and watched it. Very interesting and it has put my mind at rest as both speakers " thought" CMLers would get protection from the vaccines despite our TKIs but obviously the data (coming from Israel and the UK)  isn't there yet to be totally certain.  I think the webinar is available on iCMLf website for anyone who missed it.



If anyone can find it on the iCMLf website i would be grateful for a link or a point in the right direction.  May just not be there yet.

I should have just taken the GMT time to be the time for the UK based on the European time even though we are not on GMT at the moment. Will be more careful in the future. 

There was a webinar on the Leukaemia care uk website that i did manage to watch live that reassured me that the vaccine should work.  The professionals did seem to say CML is rare and no research had been completed on it yet.  It stressed the BBC headline on the research was sensationalised and should not have been done. Blood cancer patients were elderly and in poor health with half of them having chemo within 15 days of the vaccine. 

Yes it's quite a challenge to find the relevant links on the iCMLf website... however, try this one


Thank you.

I have just had a reply from the iCMLf and they advised that it will available from next week so I will keep on looking.