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Food for thought ...

Eating just one medium mushroom a day can reduce your risk of CANCER by 45%, study claims

  •     US researchers link higher mushroom consumption with a lower risk of cancer
  •     Only 18g of mushrooms reduced the risk of getting the disease by 45 per cent
  •     This is enough to fill around one eighth to one quarter of a cup, the experts say

Thanks Scuba, great news for us mushroom lovers.


Nope. What I meant was those fungi you buy at the supermarket, I love those. Preferably organic. Magic mushrooms were never my poison of choice, so can't comment, as have never tried.

For me, the magic was held by my friend Ethyl....catch my drift?

BTW, my best congratulations to you for coming off  'the pill' !  


Great news as we are avid mushroom foragers and have been for decades. Always knew they were good for us but didn't know about anti cancer properties so thanks for that. Roll on autumn as our dried supply of ceps is running out.