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Blood tests after covid vaccine


My husband , through imatinid and dasatinib has maintained a platelet count around 120. Bloods taken post first vaccine injection show platelets at 88.

Has anyone experienced blood count changes following vaccination?



Hi Sheila,

My platelet numbers pre- and post-vaccine were relatively similar in the range of 95 to 105. That said, my numbers regularly fluctuate between 90 and 110 because of dasatinib. I wouldn't personally be too concerned with that change unless the oncologist has some reason to be concerned. Hope that helps.



Thanks Ian for your reply. There appears to be a couple of other threads seemingly others have experienced low platelets as long as 2 months following Vaccination. In retrospect I think he should have waited before getting second vaccine..Dasatinib 100mg daily like you has always afffected the platelets. He has telephone appt next week with consultant so will try to get another blood check beforehand.