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Antigen Negative

I have been following all the threads on this site and the US site regarding COVID-19 vaccines and CML patients. Thank goodness!!!

I had my Moderna shots in January and February. I took the antigen test today and it was negative. I understand the vaccine can’t be repeated. The pharmacist did recommend if there is a booster that I should take it.

This all was certainly not what I wanted to hear but I’m so glad I found out before it was too late. If you’re not sure, it’s worth the 15 minute test.

Can you confirm what test you had please?

An antigen tests if you have the covid virus in your system at the moment but an anti body test tests if you have an immunity.  N test is for if you had covid previously and S to test for the spike protein from the vaccine. Sounds very worrying if it was the S ant body test that showed no response.

It was Rapid Antibody Test. I’m not sure what N and S tests are. The actual name is Assure COVID -19 lgG/lgM Rapid Test Device.


it may be best to check with the doctor that authorised it as a quick look online appears to say it checks for antibodies in people that may have previously had the virus.  It talks about positive results needing to be reported. if it was ordered to check the effect of the vaccine then i may be wrong so best to ask a professional

My daughter was involved in a research study and on anti bodies and was told her monthly test after she had had the vaccine would not show the anti bodies from the vaccine.

Thank you, I will definitely check. The test was not ordered by my doctor, I chose to do it on my own after reading of numerous people with leukemia that had no antibodies after the shots.

I have a trip planned to Chicago for 8 days and wanted the assurance that the vaccine was effective for me. The pharmacist knew that I the Moderna shots and said that I wasn’t going to like the results.

I appreciate your input so much. Thanks to your daughter for being involved in the study.

I have had one dose of AstrZeneca Vaccine (in January) and have recently tested positive for antibodies. 



The message I received from doctor’s office was that there is still so much unknown regarding the correlation between antibody levels and immunity after the COVID vaccine.

Not really a recommendation-more like it’s your risk.


I would definitely make sure you took the correct test.  At our lab you can pay for an “antibody” test but it’s specifically testing whether one has had the virus.  It will not reveal antibodies from the vaccine.  That is a very different test and specialized as to where you can get it done, I have a suspicion it wouldn’t be done through the pharmacy, however I could be wrong.

I just returned from Anytime Tests where I had blood drawn for the COVID-19 Vaccine Response Screen. I will get the results by Wednesday.

I appreciate you and Christine taking the time to explain the difference in the tests. The pharmacist who did the Rapid Test knew I had already had my shots and the information I needed. Perhaps there was a miscommunication.

Thank you so much for your help. If I get positive results, I’ll be traveling to Chicago for two grandkids’ graduations. I am so thankful for this site and the information posted on it.

According to an immunologist whose webinar on CML and Covid Vaccines I watched via icMLf on April 6th it is possible to have immunity after the vaccine without having antibodies. It's all to do with T cells B cells and S cells (involved with the Spike protein). I asked my haem if I could have a test to see if the vaccine had given me protection and he said they only had a test for patients post Covid at my local hospital, not for the vaccine as that is very complex. In the same webinar a haem from the Moffit Cancer Inst in Florida stated that she was convinced CML patients  would get protection from the vaccine and that our immune systems are not compromised by our TKIs. Ours is a myeloid cancer, not a lymphatic one and our meds are different from those with Lymphoma or ALL/CLL.

Also, a recent trial of just 16 patients ( not enough I realise but a start) showed CMLers gaining antibodies from the jab ( as did Sandy).  I have decided to venture out and about more but to keep safe still.



Good information. I will share the results of the antibody screen when I get them.


My COVID Vaccine Response Screen came back positive. The shots did produce antibodies.

I appreciate this Forum so much in that I would have assumed the pharmacy test was the correct one. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share your expertise.

That is great news .  You can relax a bit now and see your family.