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URGENT : Lymphocytes Increased


Hi All.,

Due to severe muscle and joint pain. I got my blood tested today.

There is an increase in Lymphocytes count.

TLC : 7740

Neutrophils : 40%

Lymphocytes - 48%

Monocytes: 6.6%

Eosnophils : 4.3%

basophils : 0.9%

Is this Ok?? Kindly share your thoughts. I am bit worried.



What were your lymphocytes previously?  I don't think that this is the cause of your pain.  My CBC always gives a range to fall within but for Lymphocyte percent it does not.  Everything else you posted looks within or very close to the range.  I have read other posts stating that Lymphocyte Absolute is what we should be looking at as far as being within range.  My lmphocyte percent at my last was 38.6% and the Lymphocyte Absolute was 1.8 (given a range of 1.0-4.8 10*9/L.  Hope that helps.