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Covid vaccine :Going for Pfizer after Sinopharm

Hi all

Due to rampant delta variant where i live, and that it's been 6 months since i had the sinopharm vaccine (chinese developed vaccine, not common in the west), I've been advised to get a Pzifer booster.

Will let you know what happens...

Hi Eva,

Delta (aka Johnson) Varient is rampant here in the UK too. Does not look good, especially after the current restriction (mask wearing/distancing etc) are being lifted here in UK on Monday. I dread the next few months.


Yes, i think it'll be bumpy ahead for the uk. Sky news had a surprisingly scientific comparative analysis of Netherlands vs Uk reopening.

Long story short, uk should not be easing restrictions with 50000 new cases a day.

Had my first dose pfizer yesterday evening. No major side effects.

No major = bone pain about 24hrs after injection which resolved overnight and arm tenderness at injection site for 2 days.