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Nilotinib - cholesterol any links


Hi 5 months now since diagnosis, and I’m feeling grateful for nilotinib, as BCR test results started at 136 and I’ve got below 1% now.

It has been picked up that my cholesterol has risen to 7.4 .. and the unfortunately the bad cholesterol is quite high too. My diet is mostly good, & since diagnosis no alcohol, non smoker & not overweight. I am however a bit of a worry wart. 

Is there any advice on keeping arteries  clear or has anyone experienced similar.  

I have faith my in haematologist… & I did ask him if there could be a link between the Nilotinib & the cholesterol, he didn’t believe so. So the only other change for me in the last 5 months is the stress all this has brought about.

Any tips or comments would be appreciated, thank you. 




Hi Annie

Had the same experience with rising cholesterol. Haematologist said this was a known side effect of nilotinib.

Dietary changes and increased exercise alone didn’t improve numbers, so was fixed by taking daily statins (pravastatin) and continuing a healthy diet and exercise. About half the week are plant based meals now. It worked!

Great to hear you’ve had a good response. 

Thank you Will0… this is my gut feeling too.