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Global Leukemia Patient Experience Survey 2021

A collaborative effort of patient organisations around the world through the Acute Leukemia Advocates Network, CLL Advocates Network and CML Advocates Network are aiming to build a global picture of the key issues, experiences and unmet needs for leukaemia patients.
Your input as a CML patient would greatly help.

The survey can be accessed using the following link. It will take about 10 minutes to complete:

It’s open and live until December, hosted by IQVIA/Quality Health. All data entered is of course completely anonymous.

Hi I have completed the survey but when i try to submit I get the errors:

'Please complete all questions before submitting the survey.

The following questions are missing:

139. Name is not valid

140. Name is not valid

141. Name is not valid

142. Name is not valid'

all these questions are about address, post code, phone and email are written correctly.

Havng completed th eimportant informtion it is a shame these basics are preventing submission.

If someone can assist, that would be great


Hi. It’s the same for me after 100 questions !  Have tried all the usual tricks with post code spaces and telephone prefix etc but it won’t submit !  If anyone has a fix let me know as it seems a great survey re the data and info it will provide and help others 



Yes Very frustrating.  Can the team behind th esurvey help ps.