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Vitamin D level test results


I had my vitamin D level checked yesterday as part of my six month  PCR / CBC blood panel protocol. I am still waiting on my PCR results to see if I remain 'undetected' for bcr-abl without taking any dasatinib (20 mg). Fingers are crossed.

I posted my vitamin D test below to show how it is reported to me. I am at the level (70 ng/ml) I want to be () heading into flu season.

What is interesting is the reference range listed. It has changed. It used to show insufficiency below 20 now it is below 30. And the upper limit has been increased to 100 (use to be 80). As importance of vitamin D in immune health spreads within the medical community, I expect these number to change further. But you all here on this forum know the importance of vitamin D by now and to have it measured at least once per year if not twice and then to supplement to get it in range for maximum anti-cancer benefits let alone Covid prevention. I have zero concern or fear of Covid - or flu for that matter personally. I haven't had a cold, sore throat, cough, sinus, or flu of any kind in over 11 years - once I measured my vitamin D (17 ng/ml back then!) and did something about it. Twice I was exposed to Covid - (covid cough) - nothing. No antibodies detected either.

There are two major lymphoid immune cell groups which fight virus' in our immune system (and many lesser immune cell groups as well):  antibodies ( -)  produced by B-cells and T-cell's . Antibodies are the first line of defense. Antibody expansion triggers a massive T-cell response as needed to attack the virus and clear it before it can expand much. Vitamin D facilitates anti-flu T-cell expansion. Vitamin D also mediates T-cell reduction after the virus is gone so inflammation is reduced. Anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin D is little discussed. This property of vitamin D, T-cell moderation, is a key reason why even those who become sick with Covid are unlikely to experience cytokine storm (which is what kills in Covid). And with plenty of vitamin D and a healthy immune system overall, antibodies are likely to be produced in low numbers as T-cells expand to do their job and you never even know you were exposed. We are exposed to all kinds of germs and never know it. This is why.

Without sufficient vitamin D (> 55 ng/ml), your T-cells (and other cells too!) mobilize sluggishly leading to a much longer recovery.

It takes weeks and weeks to build up your vitamin D levels (and it takes weeks for it to lower as well). As the sun lowers in the sky (below 50 degrees) increase vitamin D intake beginning in fall and 'maybe' cut it back in the beginning of spring (but only if you plan on being out in the sun with minimal or no clothing). I take ~8000 IU' per day in winter and 5,000 IU per day in summer. And I take no vitamin D when I am scuba diving (which isn't often enough!) where the sun is high, the water is warm and tequila readily available. Testing is the only way to know your own personal vitamin D rhythm.


Thanks for this Scuba. It's timely for me as my haematologist called me yesterday to talk about whether I have been offered a 3rd vaccine. I am not too sure that I need or want a third vaccine as I now understand the reason antibodies decline and what their role is in any immune response. Like you, I have not had a cold or flu (or sign of any infection with Covid) for around 3 years and since my D3 levels improved to quite a high level (90-100 ng/ml), unlike my haematologist who is suffering a heavy head cold and is also now isolating due to being 'pinged' by the covid app! 

Anyway, I spoke with her briefly about my reluctance to add yet another vaccine to the 2 I have had already and she agreed that if my antibody level remains above 50 I need not worry. My question is, does anyone but an immunologist actually understand how antibodies and T cells work in terms of dealing with infections. I'm not so sure.

So I am going to try to get my head around it so I can resist adding yet another vaccine.

Good luck with your PCR result and remaining in TFR. 




Hi Sandy!

I am thinking my third dose!!I am not sure yet.

But I am a teacher in high school, so i worry a little.
My doc told me to do it. I did an antibody test and the result was 972 AU/mL (IgG for covid) (almost 6 months after my second dose).

But they told me that they can not understand exactly the antibody's test result.



Antibody testing does not inform immunity for the reasons I cited above in my post. And the medical establishment knows this.

Antibodies (and macrophages) develop in response to a foreign protein and "surround it" in a manner of speaking so the virus can't do damage (taken inside cells). T-cells come along and destroy both (antibody plus antigen) as well as the dead cells damaged by the virus. The interplay between virus replicating, antibodies getting produced, antibodies attaching to the spike protein, T-cells clearing the waste is dynamic - and rate controlled. How virulent is the virus vs how fast antibodies can get produced and then how fast T-cells mop up (and also macrophages). This is basically what goes on in keeping us free of a virus. Once the virus is cleared, much of the antibodies and dead cells are cleared as well. A large number of antibodies can remain or not, but over time antibodies diminish. What confers so-called immunity is the fact that it only takes a few antibodies lingering around to trigger a T-cell response when antibodies encounter the same virus again. How many antibodies are needed is probably unique to the individual.

The amount of antibodies to Covid does not tell you if you are "immune" or not. And in fact, having high antibodies may suggest your immune response may be weak because more and more antibodies had to get produced in order to get the T-cells "attention".

What matters most is that antibody formation and T-cell expansion is rate controlled by vitamin D. Without adequate vitamin D, both antibodies and T-cells are sluggish to expand, respond or simply remain inactive and the virus can get the upper hand. And then inflammation will go off the rails and bad things can happen. Remember - antibody response, T-cell expansion is inflammatory. You getting sick is your own body reacting to the virus. With plenty of vitamin D, however, you likely never would know you were infected or it is very mild because your immune system is working and inflammation is only so much that is needed to do the job and then go away. Vitamin D helps the inflammation go away.

And there are macrophages (sorry - I wanted to keep this simple) - Macrophages are a group of immune cells derived from monocytes that are part of surveillance and first line of attack against a foreign substance (not just proteins). There are dozens and dozens of different types of macrophages all specific to the different tissues. Lung tissue, for example have their own alveolar macrophages. And, just like most other cells in the body, macrophages are also vitamin D controlled ( In fact, macrophages in the lungs uncontrolled by vitamin D, help trigger the cytokine storm in Covid. (to be clear, vitamin D is not a cure - taking vitamin D after you are infected with Covid is too late.)

To sum up: Sandy, with your high vitamin D level already in place, getting a third booster is not necessary. Adding additional "vaccine" could end up increasing the risk of ADE (antibody dependent enhancement)

and increase vulnerability to a new variant of Covid. There is evidence of this in countries which are heavily vaccinated resulting in Delta spiking (Israel). In countries where vaccination is more voluntary (Sweden), and immunity generated naturally, there is no Delta spike. I can explain that in another post.

Regardless - having high vitamin D likely just mops up respiratory virus' whether fake (i.e. vaccine) or real and does so with minimal inflammation to get the job done.


My last test was 75 (up from 38 4 years ago). I take 5,000 per day unless I have significant sun exposure, like on Mondays when I play golf.  I am a huge believer in this Vitamin D stuff all thanks to you Scuba. No colds, no flu, no Covid.