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Why is Zinc Important?


Hi Sandy,

What you have posted is backed up by other sources.I have just had a look again in the book by oncologist Professor Robert Thomas "How to Live" and he says "Zinc is an essential mineral required for the formation of and activity of over 100 enzymes ,which play a role in everything from immune function and protein formation to wound healing and DNA synthesis."He  also adds that it might guard against attack by free radical  producing carcinogens.

The author cites a study in his NHS hospital of over 500 people who revealed that over 40% displayed zinc levels below the normal range .It was suggested that we need to focus more on foods containing zinc and as well perhaps to consider taking a supplement of zinc gluconate  of up to 20 mg per day.He does suggest that for those on a strict vegan or vegetarian diet might find that phytic acid found in plant based foods  can prevent zinc absorption into the gut so some dietary modification  adding in rich sources such as  beans, nuts, fish and seafood etc might help.He suggests that it is quite difficult to over supplement.

In UK Boots do quite inexpensive zinc supplements;so perhaps this is another one to add in with Vit D and Vit K.




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