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About vitamin d

Hello everyone, i started to take vitamin d 60000 iu once a my vitamin d is level is 11. Only scuba is saying he didn't get cold or flu in 10 years.what about others.please share experiences with vitamin d.
Now to scuba. I really have weak immune. if someine near me has flu i catch tha flu like within seconds thats how my great immune works.i hope after having adequate vitamin d i will become like scuba and never catch flu or viral fevers.

Vitamin D 'activates' T-cells to fight infection and also to tamp down inflammation once an infection is cleared.

At your low level of vitamin D, it is no surprise you catch respiratory virus' easily. You are also at Covid risk until your vitamin D level improves.

I personally, would never take 60,000 IU vitamin D per week (you are probably taking vitamin D2 by prescription), but instead would take 10,000 IU's vitamin D3 per day every day for 4 weeks. This would allow  your D levels to rise gradually and your body adapt over time. The current protocol, however, is to megadose initially to more rapidly raise vitamin D:

I prefer a more natural gradual approach as your deficiency was gradual in decline and nature works gradually when it comes to vitamin D.

It will take months for your D level to rise sufficiently to provide immune health. During this time avoid much contact with people and wash your hands often. Avoid touching your face.

At your base level of 11, you likely felt bone pain, a depressed feeling and were generally unwell. As your D level rises, bone pain will disappear and you will feel better with a brighter outlook. After 4 weeks, test your D level again - (likely be around 30 by this time). If it is, continue taking D3 at 10,000 IU's per day and test again in four weeks. Best protection from infection occurs after achieving 55 ng/ml and plateaus around 70 ng/ml.

Once you achieve proper D levels, you can reduce D supplementation.

Take vitamin K2 (200 mcg) at the same time. This will balance calcium in your system as D levels rise.



Hi Scuba

I am my son(3 yrs old) are having flu since 2 days. First it was my son who had running nose then I had the same.

Strange thing, May wife does not have/not caught flu.

I and my wife had got Vitamin d tested a month back.

Mine -39
Wife -28

Even though I have better vitamin d than my wife. What could be the reason that she did not catch flu and I caught flu.

Hello karthikeyan

Immune system

Giloy juice
Wheatgrass juice

Immune system boost...

My experience.....

"Even though I have better vitamin d than my wife. What could be the reason that she did not catch flu and I caught flu."

She's lucky!

(most likely she has residual immunity from a prior infection or the virus exposure was not enough to catch it, or a few days from now it might show up).


Thanks scuba for answering.vitamin c,zinc, selenium have roles in you think i should take these with vitamin d to further strengthen immune system.

I take 500 mg vitamin C (sometimes twice a day)

I take 200 mcg selenium EVERY DAY, except when eating brazil nuts

I take 15-30 mg zinc every day.

Yes, I do think taking these strengthens the immune system.

If you can get from food - best, otherwise supplement

(selenium - 2-3 brazil nuts a day; zinc - OYSTERS from cold waters, vitamin C (all citrus).

When I eat foods rich in the above, I do not supplement.