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Muscle pain on Sprycel?


I've had intermittent pain in my thigh for almost 3 years.  It started on nilotinib, the same time I had the TIA that prompted a change to dasatinib.  It was occasional, and I could generally walk out of it.  It comes on fast, take a step and sharp pain, enough to catch my breath.  Recently it has become more regular.  I tried a massage though it did not really feel like muscle soreness or a knot, and the therapist felt no issues in the muscle, no knots.  The massage did not help.  Sometimes now I can barely walk.  If I push my hand into the sore spot it helps enough to get me from one place to the next.  The location is not consistent, it moves around within an area on the front/inside of my thigh.  It is not deep so I don't think it is bone pain. 

Has anyone else had similar symptoms?  I'm trying to figure out whether this is worth spending time pursuing with a doctor, or just another side effect that I need to work around.

Thanks for any info.


My husband has bad muscle pain on sprycel.drinking lot of water helps,otc magnesium spray,and since we are from India,I buy a lot of Ayurveda oil.

Thank you.  I do think I've been drinking less water so will make sure I'm remembering to drink more.  I have magnesium oil which I've used for cramping in the past.  I also take oral magnesium.  I'd not thought of magnesium for general pain without cramping so I'm trying the oil on that area now.


Hi Maria,

You may be suffering from myofascial pain syndrome... see here

I have recently suffered very similar issues with muscle and joint pain. I have found several things that have helped: osteopathic treatment which targets specific areas where the fascia is 'stuck' and also daily high dose magnesium citrate in powder form. Other forms of magnesium may be more suitable for you, but it has certainly helped me. It has taken quite a few months for me to find relief from the very painful syndrome. Finding a good osteopath is crucial.


A combination of drinking more, and using magnesium oil when needed, has helped get this muscle pain under control.  I take magnesium orally as well.

Hi.  I have muscle pain all the time in one leg. I will definitely try the magnesium too.