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TKI Withdrawal Syndrome


I ceased taking Sprycel on December 6, 2021 - giving treatment free remission a shot.   I had taken it since first diagnosed and treated - May, 2018.   I started on 100mg and moved to 70 after a couple of years. 

Beginning in January, I have been experiencing sharp part in both shoulders.  I know that joint pain is a side effect of withdrawal in about 30% of those trying TFR that had been on Dasatanib.   I figured it would just go away after a few weeks. 

6 months later and the pain is still here - it wakes me up 4-5 times a night.   

I am in the process of getting into an ortho to check things out, but I was curious if others in TFR from dasatanib had experienced anything similar.

On a positive note, I’ve had 4 not detected and one 0.0033% result since stopping. I have another draw Monday - hoping it’s a good result as well. 

thank you for your help.