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Gallbladder removed

Today I get my gallbladder removed due to stone and unbearable pain.
Any input from our fellow cmlers will appreciated from the bottom of my heart about future complications.
Wishing you all happy life.

I had my gall-bladder removed at the ripe old age of 23, which was 50 years ago. I can honestly say that it made no difference whatsoever to my life. I have developed a blood condition of LOW lipids, with HDL at O.7(instead of the normal 1.5) which may. have been the cause of the gallbladder, which led to ischaemic heart disease that I now suffer from. Fortunately, this has been fairly we’ll stabilised this Century, with a heart attack in 1986 (aged 37) and 3 more after my 4x CABG in 1992.

you do not stat your age, but if you have lived a long life so far, you will live with no problems after the operation, and I sympathise with you. The pain is one of the worst there is. My wife had hers removed after intense pain, which she said, was worse than childbirth, 

All the best.


I'm 36 years old.
Life is better after gallbladder removal.
Liver will adjust according to the needs.
Do I need to adjust my fat intake or my body will adjust?