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Albumin serum elevated


I hope everyone is doing well.

we just received our latest results everything is well , everything is within the normal ranges. Platelets had somewhat stabilised, haemoglobin was slightly going down but now its increased to 135. The only slightly elevated level was albumin, I suppose its a worry when the levels are too low, but in our case its elevated to 53.  It was always on the higher end of the range.

now it got is thinking whats the cause. My partner drinks plenty of fluids, we had a week of hot weather, so might be a sign if dehydration. We don’t eat alot of protein either, but we do supplement zinc 25 mg daily, could this be the cause of elevated albumin? Maybe a combination of zinc and dehydration could be the cause? 
Its nothing to worry about, but we are looking for the causes of the elevated level. 

Also it might be worth mentioning that her period started when the bloods were taken, but dont think thats related

Anyone knows what elevated albumin level shows?