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BCR results after a spike.

So, I just received my new BCR results today after a jump.

5/18/21 0.655

10/17/21 0.367

01/4/22 0.185

04/19/22 0.892

07/22/22 0.0032

Its been a roller coaster the last three months stressing if I would have to switch my meds. I really feel the results 04/19 was a lab error. My bloodwork that month was the first time it has ever been normal. 

It’s never nice seeing that sort of jump, is it? No matter how many of us will advise you “don’t worry, a one-off result can just be a blip” it’s still scary!

So I’m really pleased that it was just a blip for you. PCR testing is somewhat an art as well as a science. Things like time from blood draw to test can affect the result. My doctor told me she sees a change in results over the summer when the weather is warmer, and attributes it to the temperature the blood samples may be for a while (I can’t remember if it’s higher, or lower results). 

But the point being that you can never be sure with a single result. Years ago I went from MR3 to undetectable over 3 months. I didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now because I’ve never had one since! 



Right? I was not believing the higher one 3 months ago, because my bloodwork was all great for the first time. I asked the Dr if this could be a lab error, he said no much of that one. My bloodwork was great this month so I was waiting for another rise.


Also I ask Dr if my counts could rise due to low vitamin D, he said no. I went on Vitamin D, and it went down. It’s a mystery that for sure.