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CML recovery stage and GOUT


I have been diagnosed CML since 2005. Couple of months ago I had conversation with my doctor about stopping medicine. I stopped taking medicine from Jan 2022. I did my first BCR-ABL test on Feb 27 and the numbers were 0.0050%. Second test was done on April 17 and the numbers were 0.0040%. The third test was done on July 1 and the numbers were 0%. I am very happy the way my body is reacting after quitting the medicine.

Now the problem is, I had a Gout attack on big toe of booth feet on April first week and other feet a coupe of weeks later. I took some medicine, and it was completely fine. Again, I am having the gout attack on 4th figure of my right hand.

I am planning to do another BCR-ABL very soon. 

1. Are the Gout attacks general for CML patient after quitting medicine? 
2. Should I start taking CML medicine with low dose again, to stop the Gout attack?

Please advise.

Congrats on your tfr,maybe the gout is non cml related,just check with your doctor about it.

Hii Shekhar

Before tfr your bcr ??

How many year undetactable??

Congratulations for TFR