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Sprycel (Dasatinib) and Diazapam?

Hi everyone,

I was recently provided some Diazapam from my doctor to help me with an upcoming flight (I am a nervous flier and tend to panic). I checked for interactions with Sprycel and I get back a ‘monitor’ status, but it seems to be related to Sprycel making other medications be more readily absorbed in the blood stream. Of course with all caveats to be mindful everyone is different, can I ask has anyone taken Diazapam with Sprycel before? Thoughts?

There is a theoretic concern that dasatinib could increase the availability of diazepam, but you must remember that the half-life of dasatinib is short at only 4 hours. So if you space them apart you reduce what is already a pretty low risk situation. The text I have read is that it's possible that the diazepam could be "increased" by about 20%, so if you are being given 5mg then an effective 6mg is perhaps the worst-case scenario.


Loralei, I was diagnosed 15 years ago and was prescribed low-dose alprazolam (Xanax) for anxiety. Since I seldom take any medication without checking with Dr. Google I read in several articles that TKIs could increase the effects of anti-anxiety medicine. Due to that I generally take 1/2 the prescribed dose and found it to be sufficient for my needs.