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Will COVID affect the BCR-ABL test results?


In March 2024 my BCR-ABL was non-Detectable (0.000%). Now in June 2024 the results are up to 0.004%. I had COVID a week before doing the test. Will COVID affect the test results?

vlacer, in that March, 2024 was your very first undetected BCR-ABL, it isn't at all unusual that a following BCR-ABL might show a slightly positive result.


Buzz, yes it was my first undetected BCR-ABL, I also have a theory that when you get a virus infection the leukemic stem cells including the dormant ones are triggered to divide. Due to medical insurance pre-approval required for my BCR-ABL, I could not wait and do the test at least a week later so now I have to wait for 3 months to do another test.

Perhaps the immune sys plays a role here. Covid seems to have some correlation to the immune sys and inflammation. That sort of coincides to what you are eluding to vlacer about viruses..