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Eye bleeds and what I found

I read a comment on the old forum that the individual had found that coffee had helped to reduce eye bleeds.
Well I was desperate as I seemed to forever be experiencing them. At least two a month mainly in my left eye and they would take a couple of weeks to clear. Only to relive this problem within the following few days.
I started drinking more coffee than tea and always start the day with a strong cup of coffee.
Well I have not experienced an eye bleed in two months now. (touch wood)
I wonder if any other members have had the same results.
Should you have regular eye bleeds, why not try this advice - I can't see that you have anything to loose.
By the way the drug is called Gleevec in South Africa, not Glivec as it is called in the UK and Europe. I think this follows the US name for the drug.
I am on 400mg per day and now only suffer from puffy eyelids. Some days the swelling is greater than others. I am trying a recommendation from my GP, and will report on that once I have conclusive results.
Congratulations on the new web page, but I preferred the old "forum" discussions more.