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Tasigna and ibuprofen

Is it safe to take Ibuprofen while taking Tasigna ?
I am on 300mg twice a day and just had some muscle spasms and wondering if I can take Ibuprofen for few days or not ??

Thanks !!!

I was specifically told not to take any NSAID. That meant ibuprofen. I had been using it for arthritisand headaches. The only person who can advise you is your oncologist or the pharmacist connected to your medical group. Check with medical people. Gitel 




Best to take paracetamol rather than ibuprofen but only occasionally as TKis are also metabolised by the liver. To alleviate the muscle spasms/cramps you describe it may be a good idea to try a more natural approach and supplement with magnesium... I have found this magnesium supplement to be a good form me 'MagEnhance' - Magnesium-L-Threonate Complex with Magnesium Glycinate and Taurate, but there are others available online.




Thank you !! I will do as you have suggested !!

My oncologist told me the same thing as Sandy has told you - no ibuprofen, but ok to take acetaminophen/tylenol occasionally.  Ditto also on the magnesium taurate.