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Tooth extraction, below normal platelets. advice please

Upper back Tooth has hairline fracture, needs to be pulled.  If it stays infection and other problems. They want to do it now. Platelets at 87 , 4 days ago. Other counts normal. bCR ABL at 14% 3 months ago. Slow responder, dx Dec 2017. Sprycel 80 mg.  I am well over 70.

Dental surgeon says any platelet count above 50 OK for extraction.  Am having a CBC Tomorrow. Also Waiting to hear from Oncologist.

i am scared. Anybody had a tooth pulled with CML?  Would welcome comments and advice. thanks.Gitel



Hi Gitel,

I’ve just seen this post from you about platelets which I’ve just talked about on another post.

I can only offer one bit of information unfortunately but it does seem to match what you have been told. I’ve been taken off treatment at the moment due to low platelets and when I asked what was low and what wasn’t, my consultant told me “150-400 is normal but you can have an operation with them all the way down at 50”.

I hope this helps and you find out more info on the dental side of things.

I had a wisdom tooth extracted 6 months ago, platelets were 76 and everything went ok, im sure you will be fine

Hello Gitel,

I always have low platelet due to TKI. I'm not sure about tooth extraction but I could remember I had a root canal procedure early this year when my platelet was way below 100. Everything was fine. My Onco in US said anything over 50 is OK. I trusted my Onco and dentist.

I wish you will go through this tooth extraction smoothly.

Best Regards,



Thank you. Wisdom teeth are the worst, mine were impacted. This should be easier. You have eased my anxiety. Gitel

Thanks to all of you who replied. I feel calmer. The medical consensus seems to be that 50 is OK for dental work, although they took me off Sprycel for 2 weeks when I dropped to 70 a few months ago. I dont know what I would do without this group. Gitel



tooth pulled with no problem in extraction. Easy



although my platelets were 113, the socket kept bleeding for 8 hours. Large Gelatinous clots

Because it was Saturday, ended up at University hospital Emergency Room, at 10pm.  They put something in socket to firm up clot.

have to be super careful for several days.  Dentist surgeon only wants to see me if I start bleeding again or something goes wrong. No after check which is weird and infuriating.

Will ask Mayo Clinic Onc Hematologist about the slow, slow clotting.  Gitel

Hello Gitel,

I am so sorry to hear that. I pray for your quick recovery.


Actually, Gitel, your experience is very common after an extraction, for anybody.  Apparently, it's very important to get past those initial crucial hours (a day, two? I forget) without disturbing the forming clot.  I can't remember the exact instructions I was sent home with, but I do remember they were very, very serious about it - told me I must do this or don't do that, or else!  I remember them telling me this was the complication that comes up the most with extractions, for all people.  This was way before my diagnosis, when I was in my twenties, so there you are.