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Treatment Free Remission


I stopped taking Imatinib three months ago and recently got the latest blood test results.  Still undetectable smiley.

So far there have been a few changes for the better.  No eyes bleeds, no acid reflux, no indigestion.  I had been using Gaviscon every night for the last 9 years.  My sleep has improved greatly too.  


Super great news!  Here's to it continuing!

Fabulous. I am a few weeks behind you - 3 month post stopping blood test in the middle of January. My greatest change - no cramp!

That must be a massive relief for you and your family! 😄

I never really had cramp.  My toes used to curl up when cold now and again but that was in the early years.

I still get cold hands and often think they're cold when infact they're warm. Very odd!


Great News Blue!!! Congrats!! I am hoping eventually for the same:):)

That is great news! I am always happy to hear with someone can go treatment free! I wish you continued non detectable results!

We're all rooting for you. Keep us posted please. I haven't been on treatment long enough to try TFR, but hoping I still qualify when the time comes.