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Don't take alcohol because it has Acetaldehyde

Don't use Alcohol because its has Acetaldehyde which is responsible to such circogenic disease and have interaction like blood thinner which is not good to CML patient.
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I strongly disagree.

It's fair to write - if one doesn't drink, no reason to start. But if one was a prudent social drinker (two glasses of wine, or a glass or two of scotch, or a pint or two or three or four of beer), there is no statistical correlative impact on CML and TKI interaction. Only if your TKI gives you liver issues should alcohol be avoided (this is generally true in any event when liver issues occur).

Alcohol contains zero acetaldehyde. However, when the liver metabolizes alcohol, acetaldehyde is produced. Acetaldehyde, however, is quickly removed (enzyme action) by the body as it is produced. AS LONG as you drink slowly and only one drink per hour or two acetaldehyde is being removed. You know you drank too much if you develop a hangover. It is excess acetaldehyde which causes the hangover.

I am a scotch and wine drinker. Have been for my entire life. If I was told by my oncologist that I had to stop drinking wine (scotch I can live without) in order to take TKI, I probably wouldn't be here now. I actually swallow my Sprycel 20 mg tablet with a swig of wine or scotch in the evening. I don't recommend others do this, just that for me it has been no issue. I remain PCRU.

... but then again, I also eat grapefruit! (a key reason I declined Nilotinib)

Whilst I love reading, and learning from fellow Cml “club members “ I sometimes wonder if one or two look a bit two deep in a “to the book”assessment of it, every one who as Cml learns to respect and look after there selves after diagnosis, but please your life as to carry on, in the 4 years I have had Cml I have met probably 4/5 doctors and when I’ve asked if it’s safe to have a drink every one has said yes, what they do say is,a drink of wine, but not the whole bottle. We cannot lock ourselves up in the broom cupboard, and no one saying abuse yourselves, but hey you’ve been given a chance, grab it and scream “Thank You”

Thank you for this comment, Scuba. I too enjoy my glass of wine or two of an evening, although I have at times felt guilty about it. We need to live our lives, and if this is what we are accustomed to, it is reasonable to continue in moderation.  Thanks very much. Cheers!

My mother always you should enjoy everything in moderation, including moderation.  

David - I don't believe in moderation. That leads to mediocrity.

I believe in living fully. And that means - once in a while - no moderation. It's one extreme or the other.

And as we traverse the path, we cross the middle. That's where moderation lives. And thankfully - it's the majority of the time.

But oh sweet those extremes have been. Can't stay there long, it'll kill us, but it's what we truly remember. Yes? And fondly.

Fortunately - in my day, there was no Twitter, no Facebook, no Alexa, no Instagram to record the moment. Just the moment ... and then it's history.

How about that Scotch. Macallan - single malt - 25 year. I'm ready. Or a nice Mouton.

No pictures.

(I will never allow CML to stop my living. End of story)


I think we agree. The point about doing everything in moderation, "including moderation" is sometimes you shouldn't bother with moderation. 

On that note, I have my first night out tonight with a promised lie-in tomorrow morning since the twins were born and moderation definitely isn't in the equation for the evening!


I'm kinda old school as well.  On a hot day an ice cold Corona and remembering the beaches in Mexico where they bring it to you in buckets.  No pictures, thank God.  There I was, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, no shirt and shorts.  CML is within us but can't control us.

We recently bought a cabin, and in this cabin there is wine, beer and sometimes even whisky. Sometimes, when we have good freinds visiting, maybe even the whole wine bottle disappears. For me its worth it from time to time, even if my tummy is a little mad the day after drinking. On my latest bloodtest the doctor even said i had GREAT liver values with emphasis on GREAT, and the PCR was right where it should be, and i have been enjoying a bit of alcohol (weekends, and vacations mostly) the last 5 or so years, however, i was very cautious with alcohol the first year after diagnosis while my body was getting used to the TKI.

Of course, alcohol is not for everyone, and everyone should do what they are personaly comfortable with laugh