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Bone pain/depression

Hey friends!Can anyone offer advice on bone pain relief?Am hoping Sprycel switch will help but been using OxyContin,Panadeiene forte and now Targin...Pain relief also aids depression I find... taking Tumeric too now,as Scuba has described with magnesiyso hope that helps too.Any suggestions?



Hi Tanya.  Your not alone.  Having CML is depressing.  If I have to have cancer, I'm thankful this is the one I have.  I've had tremendous leg cramps, finger cramps, and elbow pain.  Leg cramps and finger cramps intermittent , but elbow pain was daily for months.  My dosage of Imatinib was reduced after 28 months from 600 to 400 daily.  Scuba was instrumental in me getting my blood work done to include vitamin D.  I was low.  I'm not sure what has happened.  My cramps and elbow pain have gone.  I have a better outlook and feeling of well being.  As Scuba suggested, I'm taking Magnesium, and vitamin D along with vitamin K.  I've been on those for 6 weeks.  I'm not saying this is good for everyone. To be sure, maybe a complete blood work could help to see if you are deficient in some areas.  My depression seems to be lifting and my activity level is changing.  I do wish you well.

I repeat the answer given to Riggered :
I have CML and arthritis in the spine. My wife has knee arthritis.
We both use curcumin supplements for arthrosis and we both feel extraordinarily well.
Use curcumin supplements, not only will relieve pain, but will also help you with your disease.
This is something I and my wife have successfully verified.
There is something GUARANTEED !....