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Where to get free CML medicine?

How to get free meds on CML ? The imatinib mesylate 400 mg. Is costly? Just diagnosed this Dec. 2018 and I am financially tight as i am the breadwinner and to add to the expenses, i just got out from being confined in the hospital this feb. 2 for pneumonia for 6 days since Jan.26, 2019.

I think David is referring to the Novartis Oncology Patient Support and Financial Access Scheme which operates in certain countries where neither government nor insurance companies supplies assistance to patients or if one does not have insurance.Depending on where you are located a scheme may exist for you;try contacting your country office of Novartis or ask your physician to do so-your pharmacist might have the contact information.In some instances generic imatinib as opposed to branded Glivec might be cheaper but I have heard cases where the market shows generics not reducing in price as we thought they might.

We might find that someone on the Forum here has experience of the Novartis scheme?

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