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Indigestible, diarrhea - imatinib side effects


Hello friends

Has anyone experienced diarrhea and indigestible status when taking imatinib. I need  advices for my boyfriend, he has got diarrhea quite often after taking imatinib. He has been on Imatinib for 7 months.

Many thanks

Hi, I suffered with this real bad too for quite a while and thought it was just the way it was going to be on Imatinib ,I couldn't go out anywhere it was awful .So I started taking Imodium just in the morning ,didn't need it every day ,tweaked my diet a bit cutting out things such as bran flakes and some other high fibre foods and not drinking quite as much water ,they tell you to drink litres and litres but this just keeps everything moving quicker I think .The Imodium worked like magic slowed everything down to normal and that was it sorted I only did this for a short time it didn't take weeks .There were times when I was going for a day out and I would pop an Imodium just in case .Try it ,it worked for me .Good Luck , Denise.

Thank you so much Denise. I will tell my boyfriend your experience. I suppose the imodium does not interact with Imatinib, right? 

My boyfriend is responding well to imatinib, but he has never told his doctor about his side effects. That makes me worried.


Hi, I initially bought over the counter Imodium ,but ask your doctor and he will prescribe it for you as they are fine with Imatinib  .It has a different name tho but it's the same thing ,hope they help ,Cheers ,Denise

All very good advice.  Absolutely agree, don't drink an extraordinary amount of water - no good!  Drink when you're thirsty, and be mindful if you think you could be losing too much fluid with the diarrhea.  My primary care physician told me to take a probiotic (she likes Align) and a Tablespoon of Benefiber in the morning.  (That's a fiber supplement that dissolves completely in a liquid - Metamucil is fine, too, but it is so nasty and thick).  I followed this regimen without changing anything in particular about diet and didn't have to take Immodium.  Still, the "sharts" (thank you, Trey, for the nomenclature) will always be with you as long as you are on Gleevec.  

Hi I'm Ray and had terrible diarrhea.. What dosage is he taking? I was at 600 Imatinib for 28 months now at 400.  I had to make many changes in diet.  No grains.  I drink lots of water daily.  Diarrhea can dehydrate you.  Now on 400 and diet changes mine is under control.  

No more grains, even organic ones.  No oatmeal.  The lower dosage and diet changes worked for me.  I was really bad, had to plan my trips away from home, and yes embarrassing.  Best of luck

Hi Kat, Thank you so much for sharing your thought and experience. 

Hi Ray, my boyfriend is on 400. 

So good to hear you are doing fine now. We will try some of your and other member's advices. I hope they will work for my boyfriend.

Ray and all, I appreciate much for all of your support and advices.

Hi ,I actually did the clinical trial for Imatinib in 2001 and also.suffered with diarrhea,along with muscle cramps it was one of the main side effects.I.agree with others about Imodium ,luckily I don't suffer it now on a regular basis and hope it is something you can control,keep well.and have faith .



your story gives us inspiration and hope. Thank you so much!