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Help!! Unable to sleep due to anxiety


Hi there,

I am unable to sleep since two days. Anxiety has kicked in from nowhere.

Its been over a month I am on tasigna.

Unable to bear this. Is there any why to combat this!! Pls reply fast.

I have my appointment with doc on 10th feb. Kindly suggest

Hi, 5 years ago i was in your same situation and i learned a lot since that time. i learn who to breath. i found out that yoga helps a lot and i'm not even a religious or "mystical" person. I know it's hard, but you need to remember that the most common story of cml patients is that they're going to live a long life taking the medications avaiable nowadays. I think you also should look for a psychotherapist/psychologist. it helps a lot too. Now, take a deep breath. it's important. we are here for you. 

Also in same boat as you for first 6 or so months after Dx in Sep 2016 and on Tasigna ever since.  It does get better.  I was actually on Ativan for almost 6 months (1 MG 2x/day) and that helped quite a bit.  It can be addicting, so you have to be careful and then wean yourself off as I had to do for a couple months.  Other ideas from Lucas are all good.  I would also consider a daily cardiovascular workout - I do 2 miles per day at 4 - 4.5 mph and it helps with stress and anxiety.  Melatonin and magnesium before bed might help as well. Hang in there and keep remembering that you are going to live a long and good life.

CML causing your anxiety?

I found that by taking 250 mg magnesium (as magnesium citrate or magnesium taurate) at bed time, it relaxed me and I sleep much better - back to normal. It also took care of muscle cramps I had with Gleevec.

... worth a try - and it's good for you to add magnesium anyway. Effect should be immediate. Take it tonight and you will know if it is helping you.

Great suggestions!

You can also tighten and relax each muscle group from head to toe. When finished focus on deep breathing and visualize the medicine attacking the cancer and as you breathe in visualize healthy cells and breathe out toxins.

tou can also do mindful meditation.

Thanks so much Jax and Lukas. I am feeling positive now. Appreciate your support.

Jax- Is Ativan safe to take along with tasigna? Or Should be taken after couple of hrs?

Hi,cut out caffeine and chocolate ,they keep me awake at night .Worth a try .