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Antibiotics Raised BCR ABL

Hi all, has anyone been on Antibiotics and it's made your BCR ABL rise ,but then it's gone down again successfully or did they not make any difference to your bloods ,thanks ,Denise.

I haven't heard of this before, and besides a CYP3A4 interaction (look at interaction checker) I can't really see, in my uneducated view anyway, how antibiotics could impact a PCR result. 


Hello, it seems infection can raise your BCR -ABL But no one would listen to me .Had two small rises when on antibiotics so Docs said  I must have Bone marrow test and change to Dasatinib.I asked if I could have one more test to make sure it didn't go back down ,I had one eventually but Doc never sent the results to me .I went for my check up today only to find my blood had gone back down to even less than before it started to rise .So I went thru the pain of the marrow test and the stress of changing TKI when I didn't need to .So mad and upset at the same time .Denise.

Hi Denise, sorry to hear you have been through the hassle for no reason. I have had a couple of instances when my BCR ABL has gone up when I had infections; I thought it was a side effect of my chronically low WBC and neutrophils. It certainly explained a couple of my blips over the years. 

Thank you Alastair,Doctors insisted that this doesn't happen but it clearly does.So glad you are doing well ,keep up the good work .Regards ,Denise.