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Splitting/Cutting Pills In Half?

I was wondering if anybody, or at least anybody who will be honest that they are doing it will care to share their experience in cutting the pill in half?  I am curious because I am between insurances and have only 20 tablets left.  I figure by the time that the pharmacy/doc/and insurance hash everything out with my new plan it may be two weeks.  That is a scary thought.  I would rather split them and have 40 days rather than come up on a time where I am out of medication.  I thought about taking one every other day but then thought that is probably more like weaning my system off of it which I don't want to do.  I would rather take 50mg every day and then get back to 100mg (Dasatinib) once the insurance kicks in.

Anybody?  Thank you all and I will check in later.

Definitely use a pill splitter.

The tablets have a coating to prevent drug exposure when handling.  Splitting Sprycel creates a little bit of dust, so you'll want to be careful with it.  Make sure to wash your hands after handling the split tablet and don't allow anyone else to handle the split tablet.

I would only split a tablet on alternating days so as to skew the dosage as little as possible.  Splitting 100mg tablets into halves isn't too difficult.  Cutting the halves into quarters is a little more dicey. laugh

I always cut the pills in half because I can't swallow them whole.

Do you think the other half will be fine the next day?

If I cut my pill in half will I be able to take the other half the next day?

When I was splitting my imatinib I used a scissor style pill cutter. It was the only type that didn’t mangle the pill. I don’t know about Sprycel but I would suggest you watch your stomach. These pills are designed to move through our system is a prescribed manner. Cutting the pill can expose your stomach to the drug in an unintended manner and that can cause issues.