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FATIGUE and supplements

Wondering if anyone has had success with any supplements to combat the fatigue from Gleevec?  Anyone know anything about BEET POWDER for this?

Dear friend,was in Gleevec for 16 months...full on fatigue!tried taking everything to help it!The only thing that really assisted me was a good B vitamin,so you could try that.Beet powder can only help,as can any green supplements like spirulina,green barley etc.Exercise does help fatigue too,even just a bit and drink good water !Let me know how you go.


Thanks, everyday in the late afternoon I am so fatigued. Not sleepy, just exhausted!

I'm Tasigna, but I want to give you some tips. Even I was tired at first.
You will not overcome the disease with just the usual food and the treatment. You need to help your body and immunity with supplements. You have to find what suits you through personal tests.
Below are some that helped me. I'm sure you're missing too of your body.
- vitamin B12
- vitamin D
- zinc
You have to make analyzes to find out their level in your body and supplement them as much as you need. They seem to be insignificant at first glance, but they are essential substances. You must take them. You have no choice and no expectation, you will not reinvigorate just stand and sleep, you need them for your metabolism.
It can help you:
- Astragalus - preferably from Nature's Way, 2capsules x 3times / daily.
- ... and last but not least, Curcumin. Curcumin is the one who helped me most physical , and, most importantly, I was mentally focused. And I feel in great shape.
Curcumin is in Top 3 for leukemia patients.
If vitamins and minerals can be discontinued after reaching a reasonable level, curcumin you will take it all the time. I say this because I feel great, physically and mentally . I take curcumin supplements for a long time, and after doing a lot of research, I think I will take it all my life

Thanks for your reply. Some questions if you will,

How much mag and which,  not brand but from which source

how much zinc

and the curcumin, that is tumeric if Im not mistaken. How much of that?

I do take a good multi daily, vit d with k3 and a B complex.

How long have you had CML?

Vitamin D and magnesium have a very special particularity. You must have sufficient magnesium for your body to be able to metabolize vitamin D. Additionally, if you’re taking too much vitamin D it could deplete your magnesium levels. Keep this in mind to have nutrient testing done. These two vitamins should be taken in balancing levels. If you are taking vitamin D supplements you should take magnesium.
Same goes for calcium . Calcium can deplete magnesium levels . Your body needs enough magnesium to absorb calcium. Too much calcium can eat up your magnesium and actually make your bones weaker. When you’re getting tested for magnesium deficiency, be sure to keep these inverse relationships in mind. It seems very strange, but true.
Answers to your questions :
1. Magnesium Taurate - Cardiovascular Research brand ( 2x 250 mg/daily) or , if you have trouble sleeping , Magnesium Glycinate - Your Supplements brand ( 2x200 mg/daily) .
2.Zinc Picolinate - Solgar brand ( 2 x 22 mg/daily) .
3. Curcumin .
First , I repeat the answer given to Diane Cw :
In brief: turmeric is the plant. Curcumin is a compound (along with several other hundreds) of that plant, about 2-6% of the plant. In a way, curcumin represents the "power" of turmeric.
You can choose :
a. Some use large quantities of turmeric powder mixed with oil and pepper for absorption (a few tablespoons a day). There are arguments that the other hundreds of turmeric components have healing properties acting together synergistically.
b. Others only use curcumin extracted as curcumin supplements: capsules, gel, tablets, alchool-extract. There are about 10-12 important processes for producing curcumin supplements and some hundreds of brands around the world.
One capsule has, depending on the brand, between 250-750 milligrams .
For CML, I think it takes strong supplements that contain 95% curcumin (or other improved processes) administered in quantities of at least 8 grams per day. The safe dose is 12 grams per day. The effect is very good, but you have to try to find the dose that suits you.
.........And I add , today :
I do not know how well your disease is stabilized. If you are in a relatively stable phase, it is highly advisable to start taking curcumin supplements.
Curcumin is the strongest weapon after your usual treatment. It not only destroys the evil in you, it also strengthens you physically and mentally. I saw the first signs after 2 days, after a week I felt in the body a huge physical transformation for the better. Now I'm in an excellent physical form due largely to curcumin.
Do a little research. You will be very surprised by his benefits. I know I took full advantage of them.
I advise everyone , advanced in this disease , to do what I did: administration of curcumin supplements in the second line after basic treatment.
Maybe we'll talk again next time

Thank you so much for your response and information! I have purchased Curcumin, magnesium asporatate, zinc which I will add to my multi vit, vit d with k2 ( could not locate with K3) and b complex. Again I thank you and wish you good health.

Curious to know which brand of Curcumin you use, I have started Doctors Best Meriva.

I replied but I wrote the answer (excuse me, it is my mistake!) In the topic opened by Riggered on February 17 and entitled "Dasatinib and strained back muscle." Try to find it there .
I also wrote some more about curcumin.
Read it from there , so I do not have to copy-paste . Ok ?....
As a coincidence (a good one) , I see that you have chosen already Curcumin from Doctor's Best Meriva. You'll have good results with joints and bones pain.
What is not discussed on this forum and it is a shame is that there are other variants of curcumin that have a cytotoxic effect on the "bad" chromosomes in our blood and which could greatly help if we use them together with our main treatments (Dasatinib , Tasigna).
Maybe we'll talk about them sometime.

Got it thanks!  I have done some research on Dr. Google(Ha) and other sites that discuss how Tumeric (curcumin) helps destroy leukemic cells along with the TKI's. If this is really true, and I hope it is I wonder if my next bloods to be drawn in April will show some difference. Last blood draw was .0059.

Thanks for your help!