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Conflicting information , I was told by the oncology pharmacist at Sloan to stay away from mushrooms!   I was DX with CML almost 3 years ago and take Gleevec. I was also told to stay away from any supplements that begins with "G", i.e., garlic, ginkgo etc. who to believe? They all say different things!!

That’s not good, it would include girls. I’m on Imatinib and associate with all the G’s and have never had issues.

New one on me. I was on Glivec and then generic imatinib for over 11 years. Must have consumed kilos of garlic (&ginger if they include that) and 10s of kilos of mushrooms over that period. Never used ginko. I am now nearly 4 months into trying for TFR.

See what I mean? And yes according to them ginger was a really big no-no! 

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