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Tasigna and dermal fillers

Hi, I’m in major molecular remission and thrilled. Still on Tasigna though and no suggestion to stop yet. Whilst I am so grateful for the joy of life this therapy brings, the downside is that the whole stress has aged me! Many of my friends are using dermal fillers with great results and I’d like to give this a try but nobody can tell me - not even the manufacturers - about potential interaction between dermal filler and Tasigna. Anybody out there doing this? 

I have had Radiesse once a year for the last four years while on Sprycel with no issues. I can’t speak for Tasignia since I haven’t taken that drug. 

Hope that helps with your decision.

Hi there!Im on Glivec and asked my haematologist about fillers and she said they are all ok!Not that I have gotten round to getting it yet but it’s still good to know!Check with your doc first but should be ok:)