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Dasatinib and antidepressants

Hello and hope everyone is feeling well. I have been taking citalopram for a number of years and will be discontinuing since it interacts with dasatinib and could cause qt prolongation (a cardiac problem). My specialty pharmacy found no interaction between dasatinib and paxil- does anyone take these two together? This forum is invaluable for sharing experiences and information, thank you for any comments!

I use the article by Haouala et al which appeared in Blood Journal  24 Feb 2011 titled "Drug Interactions with TKIs......." as a source of possible interactions.I have tracked down a full copy accessible on a free basis by googling but cannot post it as it says for personal use only.However in the article under Nervous System there is a section on a class of drugs termed as SSRI s and listed is Paroxetine which is an alternative name for Paxil;apparently the authors have found from research or they have deduced that there is interaction with imatinib and nilotinib but there is a blank entry for dasatinib indicating at this stage no evidence of interaction..You may wish to check other Drugs Checkers such as Epocrates which apparently is very comprehensive.

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hello and thank you so much for your response!