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Dasatinib to?

Hello everyone. I wanted to get your thoughts regarding Dasatinib resistance.
I have posted on lls as well so bear with me if you already responded.

Dx 8/17, 64%, started Dasatinib 100mg
3mo. 23% (missed milestone)
6mo. 1.9% (hit milestone)
9mo. 0.8%
12mo. 0.32% (missed milestone other laboratory which I will call lab2)
15mo. 0.58% (wrong direction...still CCyR)
16mo. 0.111% (via bmb lab2 slightly above milestone, no mutations detected, great to be this close to 0.1)
18mo. 1.2% what? Hoping for lab error but as you can see my numbers bounced for last 4 results. Has anybody else bounced like this? Praying for better result and/or successful other options. Thank you all for contributing and sharing your concerns as you fight through this.

Update. Moving to Tasigna. Any recommendations on best time/routine for taking it? Thank you.


I take mine at 5:30 am in the morning and so I can do breakfast around 7:00am.

I do not eat anything after 3:00 pm and I do take Tasigna arround 5:00 pm I'm the evening so that I can have dinner after 6:00 pm


Thanks I will give that a try as I get up around the same time in the morning.