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Lymphoma and CML. Anybody know anything?


CML diagnosed December 2018. 303,000 wbc. Imaginable resistant. On Dasatinib 80 mg.  Slow responder. December bcr abl 5% int scale.  CBC normal, platelets 130.  Very fatigued.

8 days ago trouble focusing eyes while doing taxes. Then seeing double . Itching of left eye and swelling beneath lower lid. Swelling now over an inch across. Socket painful. Today  Opthamologist and opth surgeon suspect Lymphoma.  Plan biopsy for next week!

I feel like the Plagues of Egypt are upon me.  Anybody experience anything like this double trouble?  Scared.  Gitel  in USA, Minnesota.



That terrible to hear - even if it turns out to be nothing, it will be a lot of stress for you.

I can't offer any practical help for you, but of course leukaemia can cause eye problems too - however usually prior to diagnosis.

I really really hope this ends up nothing more than a nasty scare for you. Please do keep us up to date.


Hoping for your trouble to be something easily taken care of.  Keep us informed.