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Tasigna : Diclofenac (oral, Gel)

Hi all,

Has anyone tried taking diclofenac either oral or gel or spray to get relief from pain when on Tasigna.

I did check on drugs interaction site. It showed minor interaction.

Have you tried with any other pain killer medicines which would not interact with tasigna?

Many thanks

Diclofenac should be fine to take with tkis but beware that there have been cases of severe stomach bleeding without warning so my GP told me so it is usually prescribed with a PPI -proton pump inhibitor, which might itself be not the best thing to take long term  for the  absorption of the tki by the stomach.Always take an NSAIDs like diclofenac on full stomach with water. I try to use the branded Arthrotec which has an inbuilt protector for the stomach- misoprostol.

Ibuprofen should be avoided as it interacts with the uptake of the tki according to research at University of Adelaide.

You might try Indomethacin or Indomecin but on prescription and in tablet form;I cannot find it in spray can form in UK but is available in some countries-that is very effective.Otherwise I use roll on Deep Heat or in the spray can for severe muscle aches.

Another approach is to change diet and avoid anti inflammatory foods-google it.

Just had a bad night with muscle cramps so I sympathise with you



Thanks John. Appreciate your thoughts and suggestions