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5 months on treatment with nilotinib and four months post stress fracture of my pelvis following my bone marrow biopsy I have just completed a half marathon in Vienna this weekend. It was a struggle and I doubted at times whether I would finish it but with amazing support from my friends and husband I did it.
Achieving a goal I had set for myself really helps on the weeks I don't manage so well.

Wow, congratulations Fiona - that’s amazing. 

I’d be impressed with myself running for the bus these days, so a half-marathon is incredible.


This is just amazing to me. My mind is blown. Congratulations!! Can u share how you trained? If I could get back to jogging 3 miles a day while on TKI, I'd consider it a miracle.

Wow,just amazing. Are you using runtastic apps?i would like to connect with runners with cml.i recently started running.
Wishing you all the best.