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Imatinib and alcohol

I have never been more than a social drinker, almost always beer or wine.  Now I have a glass of wine or a beer maybe once a week, but the alcohol effects feel like I have had many.  I get really sleepy.   Does imatinib amplify the effects of alcohol?

I can't think of any particular reason why that might be. Low blood counts wouldn't really impact your blood alcohol concentration - that is blood volume, rather than content.


I have noticed the same thing. Alcohol just makes me feel...weird sometimes. I hardly drink at all now. But Guinness is usually ok. No idea why. But I can actually have 2 of them and stay awake!

I'm taking Imatinib and I drink Lime alcohol seltzer drinks and they seem to be better for me. If I drink a margarita or alcohol drink as my first drink I get a little tired but after 3-4 I usually am good . Try Whiteclaw Lime Seltzer . They are light only 100 calories and taste better than any other alcoholic seltzer water out and they have many flavors . I just like Lime lol

I cant drink as much as I used to ...i find it gives me disproportionate hangovers

Im very happy to have CML as an excuse to drink in moderation :)