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Sprycel after effects


I have developed numbness in my hands after approx. one year use. Anyone experience this?  

Hi Roland,

It is listed as a "common" side effect of dasatinib in combination with traditional chemotherapy in children, but it's not something I have commonly seen adults complain of.

That said, some FDA data shows patients of dasatinib do report peripheral neuropathy problems.

Here are a few tips to help manage peripheral neuropathy:



Yes I too experience numbness in my hands in the distribution of the median nerve. It is worse in the mornings and it seems to be related to fluid retention in that when I’m up in my weight from fluid it seems right be more severe. I also have it in the distribution of the ulnar nerve (crazy bone) at the elbow. Both seem to improve with dieresis leading me to believe increase fluid causes carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve entrapment symptoms. I’m in MMR on 40 mg of Desatinib / day.

Thanks for the reply. I have noticed mine is more noticeable in the morning also. I am experiencing higher weigh as well. I will take this up with my Oncologist my next visit. I was diagnosed PH+CML about 9 mo. ago and was placed on 100 mg Sprycel daily. This really has been my only side affect other than tiredness.