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Bosutinib treatments temporarily stopped


Hello all

im currently receiving Bosutinib treatment which has been stopped temporarily due to elevated liver enzymes.  How long can treatment be stopped before you are prescribed an alternative medication due to building a resistance.


many thanks

Hi Mick,

Your question is hard to answer.  It really depends on a lot of factors.  If your body is having a hard time with bosutinib, then perhaps a lower dose of it would be the next thing to try?  Have you been taking bosutinib long enough to get any feedback as to how well it's controlling your CML?

I have been told that the condition is responding well to Bosutinib it’s just that now liver enzymes have increased significantly.  The figures for liver have dropped since treatment has stopped and will have been off meds for around 4/5 weeks when I next see the consultant.  I’m concerned I may get put into another drug with worse side effects. I was taken off imatinib due to the serious effects it was having on my physical and mental state, I can’t say that new meds are appealing.

May I ask what your counts were and what dose of bosutinib are you taking?  Do you take any supplements?



Hello Steff, sorry for the late reply.

im not sure what numbers are as I haven’t logged them when I have been told.

i currently take Glucosamine, curcumin, vitamin D and Q10.

I am currently still off meds but was taking 500mg dosage.  Currently having problems with fatigue and muscle pain and stiffness not sure if this is due to not being on any meds or it’s another cause.  I have been trying to keep active but that is becoming a real struggle physically and mentally as recovery is becoming painfully slow.

i have an appointment with haematologist tomorrow and bloods today do hoping it may indicate what the problem is! 🤞





Scuba a very active member here has great posts on supplements for joint pain.  400 mg of Magnesium taurate a day is one.  I take the D3 with K2 (MK-4 plus MK-7), B12 and a super C immune complex that has zinc, A, C, and E as well.

I do not suffer from joint pain but was started on a low dose of Bosutinib 100mg and raised it every 2 weeks till I was taking 300mg.  400mg is actually the recommended dose is my understanding from MD Anderson.  I was never given that because I hit MR3 in just a month and a half on the 300mg.  My blood work then was .0595% and the MR3 is .1%.  I had blood work yesterday but will not know if I reached MR4 for 9 more days but the doctor said by the numbers that came in from my blood work earlier that day I should be there.  She did not put me on 400mg because of my response and said the less toxicity the better.   500mg seems very high.  I do not know why you are on 500mg.  Ask your doctor questions and make your concerns known.  Hopefully you have choices in a different doctor if need be.

Oh yes and I take 2 of the 175mg milk thistle a day for the liver counts.

Oh yes and I take 2 of the 175mg milk thistle a day for the liver counts.

Steff thanks for the supplement recommendations, milk thistle may be a good choice if liver function is going to be troublesome!

I have restarted meds but now on 400mg and have to have liver test in 2 weeks to see if it worsens significantly.  May be looking at Dasutinib as the next option.  

It would appear to be a safer option to start on a lower dose then increase it if necessary as they have done in your case.  I will have to ask the question next time I see haemotogist.