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Sprycel 6 days in...

Hey guys!Have been taking Sprycel nightly,50mg,with little or no sleep for past 6 days. Taking magnesium,tumeric,Vit.D plus starting HRT for menopause induced by Gleevec.My question is this,have been feeling weak with a cough a a bit “chesty” and am worried about “pleural effusion”.A professor told me I couldn’t get it on 50mg?I could be neurotic or just an incessant worrier but can someone fill me in on what pleural l effusion is and if I need be concerned?Get bloods done and results in few weeks so will keep all informed but I think I did feel more like “myself” on Gleevec...Thanks for listening.

I don't think it's true to say you can't get a pleural effusion on 50mg, but it is much less likely than on higher doses.

Here are some symptoms of PE. Basically, the fluid around your lung would compress your lung and reduce its capacity so you might feel many of these things.

  • dry cough
  • difficulty breathing when lying down
  • shortness of breath.
  • difficulty taking deep breaths.
  • persistent hiccups.


Thank you for that,David,am being overly paranoid as per usual :) I worry bout everything ,currently taking Hormone Replacement and Antidepressants to try deal with life but they also get me worried especially the HRT with treatment...Guess gotta be grateful and try enjoy each day as it unfolds and be thankful we have access to these TKI drugs which deal so well with our disease!Thank God for this forum!