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Yeast infection in gut

Have any of you had a yeast infection in your gut as a consequence of taking TKI’s?

Im trying to understand what can be causing constant fatigue and lethargy even though my bloods don’t indicate a problem that could be the cause.


Two things you could try is a course of B12 (injections maybe?)

Or if you really think yeast is the issue, its likely that it predates the TKIs. Most folk on "western" diets have too much yeast in their gut. I found the long and short intestinal wash practises of yoga to be of benefit for this and for general energy. Both involve flushing out the system by ingesting salt water, the short version can be practised at home alone BUT do not attempt the longer one without a yogi around.

I was asking the question as I’m interested to how the drugs affect the digestive system and if they are harmful to the bacteria that keeps yeast infection proliferating.  

I personally have a good diet and eat to fuel my activities, consume very little sugars apart from naturally occurring in foods and am a great believer in feeding your activities not feeding fat.