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Melatonin and other sleeping aids?

Hi all! Sleep question.Sleep is a problem so am taking Melatonin and an antihistamine otc sleep aid.Are these ok to take with our disease and on Sprycel?Also just wanted to add am feeling better on Sorycel than I did on Gleevec,so thanks all for the encouragement and will let you know of results in couple weeks.Hope everyone else is going ok too 🙂

Hi Tanya,

I have taken melatonin before to counteract jet lag only.Apparently it is taken for a range of conditions in the medical field but whether it works or not is to be queried.My search suggests that it should not be taken if one is on anti- coagulants or blood thinners such as warfarin but this then poses a query as to whether long term use of melatonin might eventually affect your platelet score.In addition it is suggested that melatonin should be avoided if one is on drugs that suppress the immune system-I am not sure if tki s boost the immune system or compromise it.So long term I would be concerned if melatonin had an effect on my immune system.What prompted me to reply was that I had seen an article on sleep aids such as gravity blankets and simulated sleep and wake up lights (colours change just before you are due to sleep etc). Also there are plants that purify the air and keep Co 2 levels in check-try Sansevieria trifasciata or the snake plant as apparently it is Nasa approved.

Just some alternative approaches

Best wishes