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Sprycel and pain/discomfort/fatigue


Does anyone have any advice about management of pain and general feeling of fatigue while taking sprycel. I take 100mg a day and have an appointment with my doctor in late July where I plan to discuss dose reduction with hopes of coming down to 50mg a day. Until then, any advice? It’s sort of maddening because I always think my condition is worsening (been on the medicine a little over a year and had MMR of 0.054 at 12 month check in) but I suspect it’s side effects of medication. 

Hopefully you can reduce to 50 mgm when you ask. I know when I reduced from 100 mgm my fatigue was way better!


Hope you can get down to at least 50 MG !

CML confirmed Feb 2018.

I lasted not even 3 weeks on the 100 mg with side effects of real bad shortness of breath, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

Reduced dosage to 80 MG with not much improvement- then down to 50MG.

Presently off of the 50 mg since May 24th  as shortness of breath increased and plural effusion got worse.

Good news is the 50 mg has kept my PCR at not detected for almost the past year.

Definitely insisting  on going to 20 MG if and when I have to start the Sprycel again sometime in early July.


Going back on meds after being off of the 50 MG daily of Sprycel since May 24th.

I got my oncologist to agree with lowering the dosage of Sprycel to 20 MG Daily!

Starting the new dosage beginning tomorrow with complete blood work in 6 weeks and again in another 6 weeks and go from there.

Hoping the plural effusion and shortness of breath is minimal!