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Next Step after pcr results need advice


Hi everyone, My PCR result went up 0.03 from 0.054 to 0.088 Can anyone give me ideas on what's my next step is? ive been on sprycel for 18 months now. Should i be concerned on my test results coming up next month. Ive been reading that if this first line tki doesnt work that the chances of another tki are very low? that i should i have a transplate on layaway for plan b? Should i do mutation testing? Also i heard if the pcr test went up 1/2 log that the chances of it coming back down are very SLIM?



I can't speak to all of your questions but I went from 0.111 to 1.2 then switched from Sprycel to Tasigna. First results are 0.36 so it can come back down. Of course I want below 0.1 soon. I know of at least a couple of people who failed dasatinib and did well on another TKI. IMHO it is very very early to consider transplant. 0.5 is within error but even if it does go up again you have options.

Hi Trevor. While you have an upward trend the overall level is still pretty low. If your next test result is upwards again, I think mutation testing might be a plan. From the results of that you and your doctor can take a view on whether changing TKI is the right path, and which other drug to change to.


The repeatability of PCR testing is around 1/2 log at low levels. There have been a good number of people who have had this sort of rise over the year and it has come back down, either for no apparent reason or because they changed drugs. One other thing you might want to do is get your vitamin D level checked, and if that is low look at supplementing it.

Hope that helps