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Just know that I have cml cp


My name Ramandeep age 33.....I just know with the tests that I have cml....I am very very upset...its a real panic of death comes close to me.....pls tell me what to do....what is my future.....i want to marry but when this thought of comes to my mind that I have cml everything collapsed....please suggest me what to do

Hi Ramandeep,

Do you have any details of the report of your diagnosis? But since you say you are in “CP” - chronic phase, then that is very good news. Have they started you on medication already? Imatinib perhaps? I am guessing you are in India - if so it’s often called Veenat there (generic brand name).

I was diagnosed when I was around 33 as well, which was almost 7 years ago now. I’m doing fine - married, and now with children since I was diagnosed too. 

The vast majority of CML patients, especially those diagnosed in chronic phase, will lead a normal lifespan and will die with CML, but not die from CML. It is usually really well managed - once you respond to treatment and your CML is under control there is pretty much nothing you cannot do. CML should not stop you getting married, or having children. 

Have a read of this document we wrote. It explains CML really well. It will probably get too detailed for you, if you have just been diagnosed - but read the first few pages and it will help you understand what you are dealing with.


Thanx alot David fir your support.....thanx alot

Hi Ramandeep,

I was diagnosed when I was at the age of 17, now i have been taking Imatinib for almost 14yrs. I am married have children’s. I have any problem. CML has become a part of life.

Do not get panic. Go through all the information available on the forum will help you.